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Posted by Food Promotions On Jan - 2014

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Little Cottage Cafe Review with Floggers

Posted by Food Promotions On Tuesday, September 28, 2010 1 comments
Little Cottage Cafe 1 and 2 is a well known restaurant in Penang Island which serves delicious Western and Italian Cuisine. From juicily grilled beef steak to Italian "Marinara" pasta and fragrant Italian mushroom rice, they have a wide variety of choice in the menu to pamper your taste buds.

Little Cottage 2

The restaurant has a cozy, friendly and warm ambiance suitable for group functions, celebrations and parties.

IMG_2183 copy

Besides ala carte menu, Little Cottage Cafe 2 also serve Sunday buffet lunch, indoor or outdoor catering and set meals.

IMG_2161 copy

IMG_2185 copy

IMG_2184 copy

Some of the dishes we tried out from the ala carte, set lunch and dinner menu.

IMG_2170 copy
Left to right from front:
White Wine RM9.90, Red Wine RM9.90, Little Cottage Mocktail RM7.90, Homemade Sparkling Golden Lime Juice RM6.90, Little Cottage Fruit Shake RM12.90

IMG_2175 copy
Fresh Mushroom Soup RM9.90 nett

IMG_2178 copy
Clam Chowder Bread Bowl RM19.90 nett
Creamy Boston-styled soup with clams, potato, spice and other condiments.

IMG_2198 copy
"Ossu Buccu de Angelo" Lamb Shank RM29.90 nett
Lamb Shank Stew served with fragrant Italian mushroom rice and grilled veggie.

IMG_2190 copy
Seafood Olio (Spaghetti) - Lightly Spicy/Non-Spicy RM28.90 nett
A seafood spaghetti combination of prawns, half-shelled mussels and squids in special white sauce with a slightly spicy taste or non-spicy for children.

IMG_2193 copy
Chicken Sausage and Turkey Ham Combo RM36.90 nett
A combination of chicken sausages and turkey ham steak, serve with tartar sauce, fries and fresh veggie.

IMG_2214 copy
Garlic Lingguine (Set Lunch #4) RM9.90
Set Lunch is inclusive of butter roll, soup of the day, main course, dessert, coffee/tea.

IMG_2217 copy
Grilled Almond Fish (Set Lunch #7) RM15.90
Grilled fish fillet scaled with almond flakes and served with tartar sauce, baked potato and fresh veggie. Set Lunch is inclusive of butter roll, soup of the day, main course, dessert, coffee/tea.

IMG_2219 copy
Grilled Lamb Shoulder (Set Lunch #13) RM19.90
Grilled lamb shoulder in black pepper sauce served with baked potato and fresh veggie. Set Lunch is inclusive of butter roll, soup of the day, main course, dessert, coffee/tea.

IMG_2228 copy
Lobster Combo Special (5-Course Set Dinner) RM49.90
Inclusive of baked lobster thermidor with a choice of fish/chicken/lamb/steak/mussels.

Food Promotions pick of the day is the Lamb Shank and Garlic Linguine. The lamb shank sauce and rice that came together with the dish blend in well and the lamb was tender, juicy and delicious. For the garlic linguine, the butter and cream combination to the garlic sauce enhances the flavor. Plus it is only RM9.90+ for Set Lunch!

Thanks to Little Cottage Cafe and Steven for inviting and hosting us a pleasant Western meal. Do drop by for the warm, cozy ambiance with affordable western meals.

Little Cottage Cafe 1
96-A, Burma Road,
10050 Georgetown, Penang
Tel: +604 - 228 6218

Little Cottage Cafe 2
31, Gottlieb Road,
Little Cottage Cafe 2
Tel: +604 - 228 1128

Business Hours: Open daily from 11am-3pm; 6pm-10.30pm

Website: http://littlecottagecafe.com/
* Photos taken by Kelvin

Copthorne Hotel Genuinely Thai Buffet at RM30 Nett!

Posted by Food Promotions On Saturday, September 18, 2010 0 comments
We could not believe our eyes when we saw the scrumptious spread at Copthorne Hotel Genuinely Thai Buffet when it only cost you at RM30 nett per pax!

Terrace Bay Restaurant

It was our great pleasure that Sally and Siva, the team from Copthorne Hotel whom hosted us and a team of floggers a Thai Buffet dinner at Terrace Bay Restaurant. This buffet which is only available on Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch are presented by Chef Chamnan Ngamlamai who flew all the way from Bangkok to lead the kitchen and come out with a list of Thai dishes.

IMG_1556 copy

IMG_1568 copy

The Terrace Bay restaurant is divided into two seating place, one inside the restaurant where it is air conditioned, and another smoking area outside the restaurant with a poolside view. In that area, there are live cooking stations where the food are prepared upon ordering.

IMG_1614 copy

Let's have a look at the wide spread of buffet.

Papaya Mango Salad (Som Tam)
Yam Woon Sees (Thai Glass Noodle Salad)
Thai Egg Salad (Yam Khai)
Spicy Seafood Salad (Yam Thalay)
Mizi Fresh Fruit with Sour Sauce (Yam Pholamai)

Main Course
Beef Masamman Curry (Masamman Nua)
Chicken Green Curry (Kaeng Khiew Waan Kai)
Fish Sweet Sour and Spicy Fried Fish (Pla Sam Ross)
Prawn Fried with Curry Leaf (Kung Kai Tiem)
Spicy Thai Omelets (Khai Yat Sai)
Thai Fried Rice (Phad Thad)

Tom Yam Soup (Ken Som)

Phak Ruam Nam Man Hoy
(Sauteed Vegetable with Oyster Sauce Thai Style)
Phak Boong Fai Daeng
(Sauteed Kang Kong with Chilly and Fermented Soya Beans)

Thai Spring Roll (Pai Pai)
Thai Noodle – Koew Teow (Phad Thai)
Pandan Wrapped Fried Chicken (Khor Hor Bai Toey)
Shredded Chicken with Mango Salad (Yam Pla)

Mi Krop (Crispy Rice Noodle Topped with Sweet, Sour Sauce and Condiments)

Thai Tako (Thai Coconut Pudding)
Fak Thong Sang Khaya (Pumpkin Custard)
Khao Neuw Ma Muang (Rice Mango with Glutinous Rice)
Lod Chong Nam Ka Ti
Tab Tim Grob (Red Rubies)
Fresh Fruits Platter
Thai Mango Pudding

Tummy full from the buffet dinner, you might want to know Food Promotions pick of the day. From the long list of food, our favorite is the Pandan Chicken. It is deep-fried with a good amount of oil to the extend that the subtle flavor of the pandan leaf is being imparted to the chicken.

Next is the Phad Thai or our local Fried Koay Teow. It's not often we find good Halal Penang Fried Koay Teow. You can personalize you Fried Koay Teow, by telling the cook at the live cooking station of which ingredient you would like to add or reduce. The koay teow is not too soggy and the mix of soya sauce, garlic and other ingredients are perfectly balanced.

It would be recommended place to dine if you enjoy Thai food and buffet within budget. With the hotel restaurant ambiance and friendly waitresses, fulfill your cravings at a valuable introductory price of RM30 nett! Click here for more info.

Terrace Bay Restaurant
Copthorne Orchid Hotel Penang
Tanjung Bungah
Penang Malaysia 11200
T: +60 4 892 3333
F: +60 4 892 3303
W: http://www.copthorne.com.my

* Photos taken by Kelvin

Sigi's Bar & Grill Party The Night Out At Latino Fiesta

Posted by Food Promotions On Sunday, September 12, 2010 0 comments
Sigi's Bar & Grill was filled with excitement last Friday when they heat up the Batu Feringgi Beach with a theme beach party, Latino Fiesta!

IMG_1435 copy

Guests not only Penangites but from different corners around the world came in with colorful beach casuals, all dressed up to party!!!

IMG_1523 copy

The night was hosted by an entertaining and witty MC.

IMG_1440 copy

Along with sizzling Salsa and Latin pop rhythms by a 12-piece live band, entertaining masquerade performers, and Salsa & Samba dancers.

IMG_1539 copy

There were fire acrobatics performance and theater magic.

IMG_1458 copy

And activities like birthday celebrations, and Latin dance competition.

IMG_1517 copy
Cigar stall

Executive Sous Chef John Brock, came out with Latin-themed dishes which suits the theme party, namely the Brazilian BBQ and South American specialties with Jalapeno Minute Steaks, Chicken and Beef Churrasco, Lamb Belly Tamales, Lime Chicken Empanadas and many more live cooking action stations.

IMG_1401 copy
Chef John Brock in action

IMG_1416 copy

IMG_1415 copy

IMG_1398 copy

IMG_1383 copy

IMG_1390 copy

The Latino Fiesta was not only a great night with a wide variety of food, but also a fun filled event. Towards the end of the night, party goers stands a chance to walk away with great hotel stay prizes generously sponsored by Golden Sands Resort during the lucky draw session.

The next coming theme party would be the Halloween Night. It would be a fun one, so do check it out and get the tickets before they are gone. Kudos to the Sigi's team, they never fail us at their events and parties.

Sigi’s Bar and Grill On The Beach
Shangri-La’s Golden Sands Resort
Batu Feringgi Beach
11100 Penang
Tel : 04 886 1852
Website: http://www.shangri-la.com/en/property/penang/goldensandsresort

* Photos taken by Kelvin

Siong Ho Fish Head Bee Hoon & Porridge Review

Posted by Food Promotions On Monday, September 06, 2010 2 comments
Located along Weld Quay opposite the jetty, Siong Ho Fish Head Bee Hoon & Porridge is a busy shop where most of the locals will all like to have their meal.

From their earlier success in the main shop, located at CF Food Court the owner has now re-open another branch to accommodate for more customers at Hualy Food Court, just few shops away from the main shop.

Siong Ho

IMG_1242 copy

Last weekend, was not our first visit to Siong Ho, but it was our first time visiting this new branch at Hualy Food Court. Thanks for the invitation by Criz and the owner, we had a great time trying out many types of dishes.

IMG_1224 copy

IMG_1238 copy

IMG_1241 copy
Fish on the table are Coral Grouper (七星斑), Goldband Jobfish (Kalak) & Giant/Goliath/Estuary Grouper (Loong Tan/龍膽石斑)

IMG_1249 copy
Home Brew Beverages (Hot/Cold)
Barley 玉米RM1, Spica Prunellae Vulgaris Herbal Tea 夏枯草涼茶RM1, Dried Longan Tea 桂圓茶RM1.20, Ginseng Root Wolfberry Red Date Tea 洋参鬚杞子紅棗茶RM1.40

Tom Yam
IMG_1252 copy
Tom Yam Prawn Maggi Mee 東炎蝦麵RM9-RM10

IMG_1258 copy
Tom Yam Fried Fish Head (Thick) Bee Hoon 東炎炸魚頭粗米粉RM6

IMG_1256 copy
Tom Yam Sotong Bee Hoon 東炎魷魚米粉RM6

IMG_1259 copy
Mixed Seafood Tom Yam Soup 東炎海鮮湯RM8-RM12

Clear Soup
IMG_1262 copy
Crab (Thick) Bee Hoon 螃蟹清湯粗米粉RM5/100gms

IMG_1263 copy
Grouper Fish Bee Hoon 石斑魚肉清湯米粉RM8

IMG_1269 copy
Fried Fish Maggi Mee 炸魚肉清湯麵RM6

Porridge/Mee Suah
IMG_1267 copy
Frog Porridge 田雞粥RM6/100gms

IMG_1264 copy
Crab Porridge 螃蟹粥RM5/100gms

IMG_1271 copy
Chinese Pomfret Porridge 斗底魚粥RM7/100gms

IMG_1273 copy
Pork Mee Suah 肉料麵綫RM4.50

IMG_1268 copy
Frog Mee Suah 田雞麵綫RM8

IMG_1275 copy
Claypot Fish Head 紅燒魚頭RM12-RM15

Fried Noodles
IMG_1277 copy
Fried Fish Bee Hoon 炒炸魚肉米粉RM6.50

The thing that we like about this place is for the reasonable price paid, Siong Ho serve both the noodles or porridge with the choice of seafood in a huge portion. For small eaters, you can share out one bowl of noodles or porridge.

From all the dish that we had, Food Promotions pick of the day would be Clear Soup Fried Fish Bee Hoon followed by the Frog Porridge. The soup is sweet and flavoring, it makes you crave for it.

On another note, Siong Ho is opening another third new branch at Johor in early September 2010. So do try it out Johor readers and tell us if you like it.

@ Pusat Makanan & Minuman Hualy
116-A, Pengkalan Weld (Weld Quay), 10300 Penang.
Contact: 012-417 8998 (Ah Hao)
Business Hours: 12.00 noon - 12.00 midnight
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/siongho

Find out the latest happenings at Siong Ho Fish Head Bee Hoon & Porridge

* Photos taken by Kelvin

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