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D' Food Garden @ D' Piazza Mall Set Meal Review

Posted by Food Promotions On Tuesday, December 21, 2010 0 comments
D' Food Garden has made it's mark in Penang for 2 years. This restaurant is run by Mr. Lee and his wife Venus, the chef behind the scene.

Located the D' Piazza Mall, a commercial cum residential building near to PISA, the restaurant is themed with nice and comfortable cafe style restaurant. It is certainly a fine place for gatherings, meet-ups and get-together.

DSC_0253 copy

DSC_0254 copy

During our visit for lunch at D' Food garden, we are introduced to the Value Set Meals that comes with a free drink and soup. Below are some of our favorite chef's recommendations.

DSC_0277 copy
Sambal Prawn + Crispy Chicken with Rice RM10.90 Nett
At only RM10.90 nett, you get to have best of the both, sambal prawn and crispy chicken. The crispy chicken is fried with a secret recipe, crunchy and good chicken thigh texture.

DSC_0290 copy
Crispy Chicken in Special Sauce with Rice RM8.90 Nett
This special sauce was an idea of Venus when she was residing at the western country. It was not easy to find our local chili for cooking, thus this homemade sauce was a mixture of ketchup with a hint of spiciness.

DSC_0299 copy
Fish Fillet in 'Cik Kong' Sauce with Rice RM9.90 Nett
Usually, we will only get a dory fish when it comes to a fish fillet. What's good here is that, D' Food Garden Fish Fillet is cod fish and it is fresh from the market daily.

DSC_0334 copy
Value Set Lunch comes with a free drink and soup. The home-cooked soup is delicious.

Apart from the set meal, we ordered noodles from the ala-carte menu.
DSC_0306 copy
Crispy Chicken with Organic Ramen in Soya Sauce (Dry) RM8.30 Nett
The noodles used are spaghetti noodles and it tasted good with the crispy chicken combination.

If you are looking around Penang for Three layer Milk Tea, D' Food Garden was the first to bring them here. Add only RM1 to enjoy Three layer Milk Tea with ala carte order.

DSC_0256 copy
Three layer Milk Tea

Besides serving lunch on weekdays, D' Food Garden is open on Saturday and public holidays too. If you are looking for some place to chill out on a Saturday afternoon, drop by for D' Food Garden fresh fruit juice and sorbet drinks.

For more information about D' Food Garden Value Set Meals, click here. Happy dining!

Cafe D' Food Garden
D'Piazza Mall,
1-26,Jalan Mahsuri, Penang
Tel: 016-4903770

Business Hour: Weekday 11am to 3.30pm
Saturday & Public Holiday 11am to 9pm
Sunday Closed

Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar Review

Posted by Food Promotions On Thursday, December 09, 2010 0 comments
Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar ran by a Bulgarian family set foot in Penang island since 2008. This restaurant is famous for its authentic Bulgarian food, namely the grilled or pan-fried meats with rich spices and herbs, and a healthy amount of salads.

DSC_0004 copy

The restaurant reflects a typical Bulgarian theme and layout where there is a lower level dining area which has a great setting for romantic dinner with the area being separated into cosy nooks, quaint wooden windows accented with lace curtains and fireplace and cosy wooden bar for drinking session. While on the upper floor, it has a function room suitable for private functions and group celebrations.

DSC_0119 copy

DSC_0197 copy

It was our first time dining in this restaurant and it left us with a very good impression of the ambient. Let's take a look at the food served during our food review session.

DSC_0021 copy
Banitsa – Traditional Cheese Pastry (for groups min. 3 days order in advance)
Layers of light pastry with a filling of whisked eggs and pieces of feta cheese, baked until golden brown.

Orley Wraps RM18 (to be paired with Merlot)
Traditional Bulgarian dish consisting of cheese wrapped in bacon, skewered and grilled to perfection.

DSC_0058 copy
Cream of Mushroom Soup RM11
A rich essence of selected mushrooms cooked with black truffle.

DSC_0049 copy
Shopska Salad RM15 (to be paired with Rakian)
The most popular Bulgarian salad consisting of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, topped with feta cheese and traditional dressing.

3-Course Set Diner (Daily)
Served with:
- Soup of the Day or Garden salad
- Choice of main course
- Choice of dessert
- Choice of soft drinks, min. water, iced lemon tea

DSC_0175 copy
Tatarsko Kyofte(200g) RM32
Traditional recipe of grilled seasoned mince pork stuffed with roast peppers, parsley and cheese.

DSC_0199 copy
Vegetarian Bulgarian Zapekanka(250g) RM26
(to be paired with Cabernet Sauvignon)
Baked herbed potatoes, spinach, mozzarella and topped with egg in claypot.

DSC_0129 copy
Chicken Kiev (250g) RM32
(to be paired with Chardonnay)
Tender boneless chicken drumstick wrapped around garlic butter, fried in breadcrumb till golden brown.

Vintage Bulgaria’s Signature Dishes: Main Courses
DSC_0094 copy
Bulgarian Chicken Shashlik (500g) RM38
(to be paired with Chardonnay)
A generous skewer of boneless chicken drumstick and vegetables grilled to perfection.

DSC_0103 copy
Vegetarian Moussaka (250g) RM25
(to be paired with Cabernet Sauvignon)
Herbed potatoes, rice, carrots, eggplant and tomatoes baked with our special topping.

DSC_0114 copy
Wednesday & Thursday Special
Bulgarian Sach Sizzling Plate (600g) RM49
(to be paired with Cabernet Sauvignon)
Bulgarian traditional sizzling plate of grilled meats and vegetables that serves’ 2. This dish is only available on Wednesday and Thursday.

DSC_0067 copy
Friday, Saturday & Sunday Special
Roast Pork Djolan (1.2kg) RM53
(to be paired with Merlot)
Whole oven-roasted pork knuckle served with traditional barbeque sauce. This dish is only available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to keep freshness in the meat.

DSC_0101 copy
Bulgarian Platter (320g) RM35
Classic mixed grill of homemade kebapche (grilled spiced mince pork and beef), kyofte (Meatball/Meat Pate), Karnatche (pork and beef spiced sausage) and succulent pork fillet. Bulgarian Platter is now the 30% off promotional dish for Monday & Tuesday. Do check the promotion out, here.

DSC_0215 copy
Baklava (for groups min. 3 days order in advance)
For those with a sweet tooth, baklava is irresistible. Layers of light golden pastry, with a filling of walnuts & cinnamon, soaked in rich honey-lemon syrup.

DSC_0222 copy
Traditional Sweet Pumpkin Pie RM12
Our secret, sweet, light and smooth recipe to entice your taste buds – very Bulgarian!

DSC_0238 copy
Chocolate Soup RM12
Unique and delicious thick cold chocolate served with vanilla ice-cream.

Food Promotions pick of the day is the Tatarsko Kyofte, Bulgarian Platter and the dessert; Baklava.

Tatarsko Kyofte from 3-Course Set Dinner, is the traditional recipe of grilled seasoned mince pork stuffed with roast peppers, parsley and cheese. We love it without the gravy, for the original texture meat taste with spices.

Our favourite will goes to Bulgarian Platter, the classic mixed grill of homemade kebapche, kyofte, Karnatche (pork and beef spiced sausage) and succulent pork fillet. Four types of different servings of pork and beef; all homemade by the secret recipe of the Bulgarian family, is full of flavors.

Finally for sweet tooth lovers, Baklava is a must! The layers of light golden pastry, with a filling of walnuts & cinnamon, soaked in rich honey-lemon syrup is sweet and crispy at the same time. Baklava must be ordered 3 days in advanced for them to prepare.

Besides the above, we also recommend the Bulgarian Chicken Kiev and Chicken Shashlik. Do drop by for a taste of Bulgaria, at the address below. Enjoy dining.

Click on for info on Vintage Bulgaria Christmas Set Dinner and New Year's Eve Set Dinner.

Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar
1E Jalan Sungai Kelian
11200 Tanjung Bungah
Penang, Malaysia
Business hours: 4pm - 12am everyday
Tel: +604 898 1890
Website: www.vintagebulgaria.com

Ristorante Bravo Italiana the Italian Restaurant Review

Posted by Food Promotions On Monday, November 29, 2010 0 comments
Bravo Italiana

It was a great Italian dining experience for the floggers, when we are invited to Bravo Italiana, the Italy themed restaurant with nice interior designed to suit the food served.



The food, earnestly prepared by Mr. Lim with his years of working experience in Italy was a bonus as we get to try out the authenticity of Italian food.

Bruschetta RM8.80
Toasted bread topped with fresh diced tomato, Italian herbs, olive oil and melted cheese. Guests can request the Bruschetta to be served topped with cheese or without cheese.

Grilled Chicken Salad RM17
Stripes grilled marinated chicken, topped on fresh mixed salad

Baked Oyster Vesuvio 1/2 dozen RM28
Half shell oyster topped with fresh tomato, sweet pepper and melted cheese

Pizza alla Sicilian RM31
With beef pepperoni, chicken sausage, onion, green pepper, black olive and crushed pepper
For cheese lover, just add extra cheese at RM4.

Spaghetti Capitano RM29.80
Spaghetti with fresh shrimps, scallops, mussels, squids and dices salmon, sauteed in a delightful marinara sauce

Lasagne Al Forno RM24
Three layers of lasagne pasta baked in the oven, in famous Italian minced beef sauce and mozzarella cheese

Pesce Misto alla Milanese RM43
Grilled salmon fillet and jumbo shrimp with classic Milanese sauce

Lamb Shank RM32
Braised NZ lamb shank with fresh Italian herbs, garlic, tomato, mushroom and red wine

Tiramisu RM12.80

Bravo Zabaglione RM12.80

Italiana Mousse RM12.80

Key Lime Pie RM8.90

Pumpkin Pie RM12.80

Set Lunch - Chicken Parmigiana RM25
Baked boneless chicken with melted Mozzarella cheese, served with pasta spaghetti in tomato sauce. The soup of the day served is mixed bean soup.

There are choices of set lunches from RM13.80 which includes a soup of the day, main course, dessert and a drink. All these are available for dine in only.

Food Promotions pick of the day is the Lamb Shank and Pizza alla Sicilian. The lamb shank marinated with a hint of red wine brings out a special taste, while the pizza has very thin and crispy base with a good amount of toppings.

Thanks to Ristorante Bravo Italiana for inviting and hosting us a pleasant dining experience. It was a great time meeting the fellow floggers.

Ristorante Bravo Italiana
01-01-11, Complex I-Avenue
Medan Kampung Relau 1
11900 Bayan Lepas
Penang, Malaysia
Tel/Fax: 04-641 0499

* Photos taken by Kelvin

Sigi's Bar & Grill Barbecue Bounty Now Open!

Posted by Food Promotions On Saturday, November 13, 2010 0 comments
The outdoor barbecue pit at Sigi's Bar & Grill on the beach is now operating!

Designed to provide diners a great spot to relax on the beach and enjoy the sunset, diners can also enjoy feasting on freshly barbecued delights.

IMG_7938 copy

IMG_7907 copy

The circular seating around the barbecue pit can fit in up to 12 guests is an ideal venue for small group get-together during special occasion such as personal or work related celebrations.

IMG_7909 copy

Diners can choose from two special set menu priced at RM90++ and RM120++ per person with a minimum order of four. Not to worry, both menu provide a balance mix of seafood, red and white meats, complete with a selection of starters and appetisers, bread and desserts, including free-flowing beer, house wine, virgin mojitos and soft drinks.

IMG_7970 copy

IMG_7932 copy

During our exclusive dining experience on Thursday evening, we have Chef John Brock in action demonstrating his grilling skills. It was our pleasure to try out the wide variety and scrumptious grilled items from the menu.

IMG_7913 copy

Whilst the meats sizzle on the BBQ, we start enjoying items like boiled prawns, fresh oysters, salads, and bread.

IMG_7948 copy
Fresh Oysters

IMG_7965 copy
Gourmet Flat Bread

IMG_7953 copy
Here's Chef John Brock serving us with the BBQ items. Lets scroll down to see.

IMG_7949 copy
Grilled Moroccan Prawns

IMG_7975 copy
Grilled Snapper wrapped in Banana Leaves

IMG_7977 copy
On the platter: Potato Salad, Calamai Chicken Chorizo salad, Pasta Salad, Minute Sirloin Steak, BBQ Chicken Sausage and Tom Yum Spiced Chicken Wings.

IMG_8009 copy
Chocolate Tarte

IMG_8008 copy
Strawberry Short Bread

IMG_8016 copy

If you would like to have a special gathering with a non-conventional restaurant ambient, try out Sigi's Bar & Grill Outdoor barbecue pit with the Chef. Check out the menu of what's cooking and what's served whilst the meat sizzles in the barbecue, here.

Sigi’s Bar and Grill On The Beach
Shangri-La’s Golden Sands Resort
Batu Feringgi Beach
11100 Penang
Tel : 04 886 1852
Website: http://www.shangri-la.com/en/property/penang/goldensandsresort

* Photos taken by Kelvin

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