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Ong Hokkien Mee at Lay Hong Coffee Shop

Posted by Food Promotions On Thursday, October 29, 2009 0 comments
A Hokkien Mee lover that I once met recommended me to this place, Lay Hong Coffee Shop. He claims that the hokkien mee here is the best in Penang.

DSC08961 copy
Lay Hong Coffee Shop is located at the corner of Macalister Road and Jalan Rangoon.

DSC08913 copy
On the left is the Sin Kim San Kedai Kopi dan Makanan.

There are only 2 stalls in the morning session, the Nasi Melayu and Ong Hokkien Mee.
DSC08910 copy
The Nasi Melayu stall.

DSC08918 copy
Wide varieties of dishes. Will try it out next time.

DSC08911 copy
Mr Ong's Penang Famous Hokkien Mee stall is selling Hokkien Mee, Pai Kut Me and Loh Mee.

DSC08930 copy
Loh Mee RM2.50 (Small), RM3.00 (Medium) and RM4.00 (Big)

DSC08945 copy
Hokkien Mee RM2.50 (Small), RM3.00 (Medium) and RM4.00 (Big)

After tasting the Hokkien Mee, I realize the reason Hokkien Mee lover claim this is the best Hokkien Mee. The soup gives out a strong and sweat meaty taste with presence of prawn relish to add on. It gave a different sensation to the typical Penang Hokkien Mee.

Hokkien Mee lovers go try it out and share your opinion with us...

Mr Ong Hokkien Mee @ Lay Hong Coffee Shop
Macalister Road
Mobile: 012-435 9933 / 016-419 9933
Business Hour: 6.30am - 12pm

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New Zealand Natural Ice Cream

Posted by Food Promotions On Tuesday, October 27, 2009 0 comments
What’s more we need to say about this famous brand name. Everyone has known that New Zealand Natural ice cream is 100% originated from New Zealand. It was born at Christchurch in 1984. New Zealand Natural started its path in Malaysia in December 2003 and has twelve outlets at this moment. As for Penang, there are two stall that is at Queesbay Mall and Sunway Carnival Mall.


On a hot Sunday morning, we decided to head up to NZN for a nice scoop of cooling ice cream and a catching up session together.

The bright and colorful counter is able to be seen from afar. There was a little corner been arrange with the table and chairs for dine in customer. Two larger glass ice cream container display at the counter so easy viewing and selection for the customer.


A very in details menu board was hang on top of the counter for viewing.

The girl on duty greeted us with a bright smile explain to us what NZN has to offered. We are given a small scoop of sample of ice cream before deciding on the flavours that we wanted.


There are few categories of NZN items. First of would be the Sundae Creation that consist of Double Rum of Shot, Mount Cook, Wickedly Chocolate, Banana Split, Cookie Monster, Designer Sundae. Customers can choose their own topping too.

Next category would be the Flo that is the Fruit Flo, Durian Flo and Signature Flo.

As for Ice Cream would be the full cream, low fat ice cream, frozen yogurts and sorbet.

NZN does also serve drinks too besides ice cream. It would be the Thickshake, Milkshake, Smoothies, Fresh Juice.

This first glass panel displays all the full cream ice cream with a wide range of flavours.



Then next glass panel, would be the yogurt and sorbet ice cream with fresh fruits as toppings.

We choose to go for the Mount Cook and was allowed to choose 5 favourite ice cream flavours with a sinful selection of toppings.

We have chosen for the Best Seller Boysenberry dream that has ripped berry smooth with boysenberry flavour ice cream. Next flavour would be Macadamia Supreme ice cream with roasted Australian macadamia nuts. Another scoop of Green Tea that has a rich infused flavour of the tea. Mango Sorbet is s non-dairy luscious sorbet made with real mango. Fruits of Forest is from the range of frozen yogurt with a mixture of Boysenberry, strawberry, blackberry and blackcurrants.

And for the topping would be the almond flakes and Fererro Rocher chocolate with few slices of green apple and strawberry. We are giving a small jug of chocolate to be pour onto the ice cream. It tasted marvelous!

Durian season is around the corner, we decided to go for something wild. That would be the Durian Flo. We are been told my Ally that the Durian Flo only available at the selected outlet. The taste and smell of the Durian is pretty strong. For a Durian lover like me, I would love it. It's ither full cream or low fat vanilla ice cream blended with pure D24 durian. You may add on extra fruits to this flo but we decided to stay on the standard one.

The special blender. The texture was very smooth as it has been blended with a special machine.

For a chocolate lover, Wickedly Chocolate should not be missed out. It consists of Choc Fudge Brownies, a moist fudge brownie piece with chocolate ripple swirled through rich choc milk ice cream. Two serves of Chocolate Ecstasy that is the chocolate fudge swirled with chocolate ice cream. That was like a double wow of chocolates. A few drops of chocolate chips, slices of green apple and strawberry make up the decoration of the ice cream. A small jug of chocolate was given to us as well. The chocolate flow will harden on top of the cold cream and it makes it taste good.

Thirsty after all the chocolates, we decided to give a try to the Berry’ lishius Smooties that has been recommended. It is a combination of strawberry blend, banana and mixture of berries.

Besides that we are served with sky juice with a hint of lemon taste, that able to wash away the ice cream flavour from our mouth before trying to the next flavour.

It was indeed a great experience and fun time at NZN and not to be miss out the companion as well. Lets wait no more and head up to the nearest NZN.

The on-going monthly promotions would be the 30:30 promotions. Every 30th of the month, 30% off for all Take Home Packs.

Memories of a Short Meal Break

Posted by Food Promotions On Tuesday, October 20, 2009 2 comments
I have heard from people their favourite food here and personally would come back for them. I decided to make a visit to taste it out myself. On one of the off day from work due to company force leave, I finally have my chance to do so.

Some of you may have nostalgic feel on the the photos below. The place looks familiar, or you may have seen the sellers somewhere before. Just continue reading and find out...

DSC09039 copy

DSC09026 copy
Soya Bean RM0.40 per cup

DSC08987 copy

DSC08997 copy
Fish Ball Soup RM1.00

DSC09037 copy

DSC08988 copy
Fried Egg RM0.50 per egg

DSC09043 copy

DSC09034 copy
Wan Than Mee RM2.50

DSC08984 copy

DSC08982 copy
My favourite, pork meat marinated in chili sauce.

DSC09002 copy
Hokkien Mee RM2.00

DSC09054 copy
Hokkien+Loh Mee RM2.50

The food above is now more pricey compared to 10 years ago. During the good old day, RM 1.50 is sufficient enough for a good breakfast. Any idea where all these good food comes from?

It is all from Chung Ling High School's canteen. I believe if you are a student from this place, this is the one thing that you'll miss and you are proud of.

DSC09068 copy

When I was eating there, old time memories came back flashing my memories of the 15 minutes short break during the schooling days. Bell rings, students marching towards the canteen, eating and chatting, announcements and then back to our classes. I had my good time during my at the school last week, so readers take your break and look back to your old time sweet memories.

Hot & Roll in Penang

Posted by Food Promotions On Saturday, October 17, 2009 0 comments
Hot & Roll is a new shop that is recently set up in Queensbay. Judging from the outlook of this happy colors shop, we check out their food.

P1220913 copy

In their menu, they have two types of base, one is the Prata and the other is the Crispy Wraps.

P1220915 copy
On the left side, the girl is preparing the crispy wraps while on the right, the prata. To me the crispy wraps will be more suitable for the sweet choices while the prata is good for the savoury choices.

Chicken & Cheese Prata, one of the best seller.

With only RM 3.90, I get a filling tea break.

Environment: 6/10
Small shop lot with only a few chairs.

Food Presentation: 6/10
All rolled up in a small paper box.

Portion: 7/10
Small but filling.

Taste: 7/10
Personally like the mixture of the Chicken & Cheese Prata. The ingrediants inside are: process chicken slices, cheese, parsley, grounded black pepper and mayonnaise, a good combination.

Service: 6/10
Two working waitress only, but both provided the ordinary fast food service.

Value for money: 8/10
It's only RM 3.90, for cheese and some chicken slices. What's more you can get in a shopping mall?

Good to go for teatime or if you wanted a light meal and especially for those who are constantly “On-the-Go”.

LG-87A (LG-71), Queensbay Mall
100, Persiaran Bayan Indah
11900 Bayan Lepas
Penang, Malaysia


Ryoma Japanese Restaurant

Posted by Food Promotions On Monday, October 12, 2009 0 comments
Ryoma Japanese restaurant is well known in Penang for it's VIP treatment and serving the finest Japanese food.

We dropped by a week ago, to check out Ryoma. One thing for sure is, everything on the menu is pricely.

For Japanese food enthusiast, the good news is Kobe Beef is also in the menu. It's not something we can have anywhere else. That will be a plus point for Ryoma.

IMG_0143 copy

IMG_7287 copy
Many types of sakae for display.

IMG_0066 copy
Appetizer for guests

IMG_0129 copy
Katsu Ni RM25
Egg and Pork cutlet boiled with sweet soy sauce

IMG_0120 copy
Yakiniku Don RM30
Sweetened Roasted Beef

IMG_0109 copy
Zosui with Salmon RM16
Rice porridge with (salmon/crab/chicken) and egg

Seafood Fried Rice
Seafood Fried Rice RM22

Unagi Fried Rice
Unagi Fried Rice RM33
Fried rice with grilled eel

IMG_0140 copy
Kakiage Udon RM22
Udon topped with tempura of shredded vegetable and seafood

IMG_0085 copy
Cold Somen RM18
Somen cooled on ice

IMG_7291 copy
Spicy Ramen RM22
Noodle in spicy soup

Environment: 8/10
Place is air conditioned and has soft type of music which is good for guest to relax.

Food Presentation: 7/10
Food is neatly arrange and well presented.

Portion: 6/10
Food portion in average, enough for one.

Taste: 6/10
Most of the dishes is salty compared to other Japanese restaurants.

Service: 6/10
The overall service was good food is served fast and waitress are attentive. There is even a jokey at the parking place. Except for one waitress, which remarks porridge is for the sick.

Value for money: 6/10
Expensive as we pay for the restaurant environment. Quality of food is normal as compared to other Japanese restaurants.

Visit if you wan to indulge in an authentic Japanese food and have a VIP experience.

Ryoma Japanese Restaurant
5G, Jalan Tanjong Tokong,
10470 Penang
Tel: 604-8918388

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